We are Kristi and Darry, two women who are married to each other, living in western Massachusetts with our three children: Serafina (a toddler) and twins Rowan and Mairead (still infants). All girls.

Kristi carried Serafina, Darry carried the twins. Lesbians aren’t supposed to accidentally get pregnant, but Darry sort of did — her twins were spontaneous (not IVF) and we didn’t know there were two in there until her 20-week ultrasound.

We are both working parents who have made three real meals a day (most days) a priority for ourselves and our kiddos because we believe food is kind of everything. Before we became parents we spent most of our free time pursuing delicious meals and drinks and blogged about our pursuits at bostonlocalvores.org, long before the whole local thing was unbearably hip.

This blog is an exercise in remembering to stay grounded, grateful and to practice the things we love (writing and photography and food) in the messy years of raising children.